What is the point of our life?

This is a question that most, if not all of us will ask at some point in our life. What is the purpose of our life? Does my existence on this earth have a meaning? What is the point of everything in my life? These questions are part of the general human experience. Unfortunately, just as most of us ask this question, most do not continue to the end to find out the answer as it requires a lot of searching with patience and perseverance. Most would prefer the easier path of leaving this question unanswered and continuing with daily life with its ups and downs. They would say, “Where do we start looking? There seems to be millions of answers to this very same existential question. Which one is correct? Some seem more real, more truthful than the others.” However, the answer to this question bears serious consequences for the rest of our lives. It affects how we deal with all aspects of our daily life: our relationships with others, our studies, our occupation, our marriage, the upbringing of our children and the way we live.

How to become an Orthodox Christian